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McWayne and McDowell Master Mine Roads

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It was a good day to run if your last name began with Mc!  Devin McDowell won the second annual Run of the Mine 10Km on the mine roads at the Usibelli Coal Mine in Healy, and Dorli McWayne finished 9th of 92 and 1st among women.

The event more than doubled in size from its premiere running in 2011, growing from 44 to 92 finishers.  More importantly, with proceeds going to the Healy Emergency Services, the donation more than doubled from 2011 to 2012 as well.

A large number of mine employees assisted in making the event a high-quality outing.  The atmosphere was enhanced with great post-race food from the Black Diamond restaurant, and high-quality scale models of Caterpillar heavy equipment for prizes for the top three runners overall.

Last year's race was run in the rain, and the runners were easily identifiable after the run by the coating of black muck on the backs of their legs.  This year there was no rain, and there had been just enough moisture to keep the dust down, so conditions were much improved.

The course also changed from last year to this year, with this year's course running up a steep hill to the Poker Flat mine area.  At it's highest points, the course offered stunning views of the Healy area and the Nenana Valley.

Below are results in text format.  PDF results are available by clicking on the "Running Race Results" menu item on the left, then scrolling down to the "Run of the Mine" results.

Women's Results
1. Dorli McWayne-46:58.3;
2. Mary McKinley-48:40.4;
3. Michele Gallen-49:50.0;
4. Oralee Nudson-50:52.1;
5. Linda Kubacki-51:41.4;
6. Sarah Stehn-53:49.5;
7. Elizabeth Webb-56:19.9;
7. Catherine Johnston-56:19.9;
9. Dana Whinery-57:02.8;
10. Jennifer Yeagerfish-57:58.2;
11. Lisa Merkhofer-59:16.8;
12. Julie Harvey-1:00:06.5;
13. Casey Crimmins-1:00:38.4;
14. Katie Spencer-1:01:18.0;
15. Christie Anastasia-1:02:15.6;
16. Kristin Pace-1:03:28.9;
17. Ti Conkle-1:03:36.2;
18. Jill Heymsfield-1:03:56.6;
19. Laura Asbell-1:04:55.2;
20. Jodi Bailey-1:06:41.0;
21. Roxane Rigs-1:07:25.3;
22. Angie Wills-1:07:25.8;
23. Lisa Krueger-1:07:41.2;
24. Shirley Winther-1:08:01.0;
25. Hollie Lindley-1:08:15.2;
26. Ashley Lowe-1:08:47.7;
27. Natalie Brandt-1:09:29.2;
28. Mai Nguyen-1:10:50.4;
29. Susan Carson-1:11:02.5;
30. AJ Westenskow-1:11:34.0;
31. Janice Golub-1:13:20.0;
32. Kindahl Guhrt-1:15:03.0;
33. Linda van Almelo-1:15:03.5;
34. Hunter Taylor-1:16:09.2;
35. Britta Schroeter-1:16:13.5;
36. Danielle Moser-1:18:27.9;
37. Angelica Morales-Maez-1:18:58.7;
38. Brittany Smith-1:19:23.1;
39. Paityn Taylor-1:21:08.7;
40. Robyn Taylor-1:21:08.9;
41. Lori Brewer-1:22:30.1;
42. Bobbi Jo Katchmar-1:22:33.1;
43. Christine Huff-1:24:24.9;
44. Charlotte Berdahl-1:25:03.1;
45. Des Kittle-1:27:10.7;
46. Maya Pelayo-1:27:44.4;
47. Bonnie Westland-1:28:02.8;
48. Sarah Burns-1:28:23.3;
49. Charlotte Johnston-1:28:25.0;
50. Kylie Harvey-1:39:41.1;
51. Christy Shaw-1:40:36.5;
52. Sarah McConnell-1:40:49.6;
53. Lori Moyer-1:46:07.7;
54. Linda Mellman-1:59:59.9;

Men's Results
1. Devin McDowell-36:35.1;
2. Jake Schaner-37:35.7;
3. Ted Alder-39:19.8;
4. Chris Sanville-42:27.8;
5. Paul Wayfield-43:15.1;
6. Erik Mercer-44:21.3;
7. Andrew Pace-44:49.6;
8. Justin van Almelo-46:53.5;
9. Glenn Johnston-47:11.8;
10. Fabian Pelayo-49:18.1;
11. Donald Lewis Jr-49:30.6;
12. Travis Reed-49:43.3;
13. Morgan Hough-50:17.5;
14. John Basile-51:24.0;
15. Steve Thomas-52:25.0;
16. Jacob Schaefer-52:39.0;
17. Don Kiely-53:22.7;
18. Micha Jones-54:29.4;
19. Kevin Meyers-55:24.8;
20. Michael Golub-55:57.3;
21. Martin Pelayo-58:58.1;
22. Kes Woodward-59:44.4;
23. Mark Giordano-59:44.8;
24. Jeff Fryberger-1:00:25.6;
25. Michael Riggenbach-1:01:47.6;
26. Jim Madonna-1:02:24.0;
27. Clay Walker-1:02:33.9;
28. Rick Winther-1:02:35.7;
29. John Sanborn-1:04:55.2;
30. Ron Smith-1:05:36.7;
31. Clive Johnston-1:06:12.6;
32. Keith Harvey-1:07:46.0;
33. Jason Carson-1:14:30.5;
34. Jack van Almelo-1:15:03.7;
35. Keith Harvey-1:15:31.2;
36. Ben Simpson-1:21:18.0;
37. Izaak Shaw-1:40:36.3;
38. Adam Michalski-1:46:07.7;

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