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Flaharty, Best, Harrington and McDonough Win Sluicebox Top Honors

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Tyson Flaharty and Heather Best won the bike division honors, and Drew Harrington and Equinox Marathon and Ultramarathon Champion Laura McDonough of Anchorage won the top individual honors in the initial OFFICIAL Sluicebox 100-miler, held Saturday and Sunday, June 30 and July 1.

Flaharty won by 18 minutes over Kevin Breitenbach, riding the last 1.5 miles on a completely flat tire because he held the mistaken belief that Breitenbach was only a few minutes behind and closing fast.  Best saw no such apparitions, winning by nearly four hours over Amy Breen.

Drew Harrington was first of two finishers in the men's 100-mile running event, besting Bob Gillis by nearly six hours.  Women's champ Laura McDonough was only 90 minutes behind Harrington, and was 6:43 ahead of runner-up Anne Ver Hoef of Anchorage, who also ran in last year's trial event.

This year's race also included a relay, the winners of which were the team "Lots of Talk", with Patrik Sartz, Tom Moran, Kevin Brinegar, John Scherzer and Ted Wu.  Their time of 17:35:19 was 20 minutes faster than the runners-up, "High Five!" (Alida Van Almelo, Jane Lanford, Chris Eversman, David Fee and Taryn Lopez.

Any 100-mile race is a huge production, and congratulations are in order for the Race Director, Ann Farris and a huge crew of volunteers who helped make the event happen.

Bike Division / Men
1. Tyson Flaharty-10:58:54;
2. Kevin Breitenbach-11:17:33;
3. Joel Homan-12:12:59;
4. Joel Buth-12:45:48;
5. Christopher Wrobel-12:52:28;
6. Trystan Herriott-13:30:48;
7. Sean Grady-14:02:33;
8. Jay Cable-14:34:03;
9. John Shook-15:06:41;
10. Morris Palter-15:07:25;
11. Tom Grant-16:00:21;
12. Travis Meservy-17:11:49;
13. Eric Troyer-17:25:35;
14. Cody Johnson-17:44:56;
15. Hank Statscewich-18:34:06;
16. Todd Redinius-18:42:47;
17. Andy Sterns-19:29:49;
18. Paul Snarski-23:14:41;

Bike Division / Women
1. Heather Best-13:56:02;
2. Amy Breen-17:44:52;
3. Andrea Dubenezic-17:48:12;
4. Nancy Fresco-17:55:54;
5. Sarah Conn-20:33:09;
6. Shonda Oderkirk-23:14:44;
7. Heidi Benson-23:15:36;

Running Division / Men
1. Drew Harrington-21:22:21;
2. Bob Gillis-29:49:15;

Running Division / Women
1. Laura McDonough-22:55:47;
2. Anne Ver Hoef-29:38:25;

Relay Division (all runners)
1. Lots of Talk (Patrik Sartz-4:18:54; Tom Moran-2:54:59; Kevin Brinegar-2:42:56; John Scherzer-6:21:44; Ted Wu-1:16:46) 17:35:19;
2. High Five! (Alida Van Almelo-5:10:26; Jane Lanford-3:27:25; Chris Eversman-2:34:02; David Fee-5:28:36; Taryn Lopez-1:14:39) 17:55:08;
3. Slower (Sarah Tabbert-5:03:01; Paul Allen-3:51:41; Ali Bechman-3:46:05; Mark Simon-4:45:19; Jeff Gordon-1:31:06) 18:57:12;
4. The Last Minute (Pete Hjellen-5:23:19; Keith Pollock-3:39:03; Robin Garber-Slaght-4:24:06; David Maxwell-5:18:43; Tamara Rose-1:32:05) 20:17:16;

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