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McWayne and McDowell Win Run of the Mine

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Devin McDowell and Dorli McWayne were repeat winners in the third annual 10Km Run of the Mine at the Usibelli Coal Mine in Healy.  Temperatures were comfortable, but gusting winds buffeted the runners from time to time -- although the steep hills in the outermost 3/4-mile of the scenic out-and-back course did more than anything else to keep the runners from PR pace. McDowell's time of 41:46 was five minutes faster than runner up Alex Lindeman of Denali Park, who was a further 55 seconds ahead of "Sancho Ponza" of Fairbanks.  McWayne's time of 50:15 was good enough for sixth overall.  Women's runner up Molly McKinley of Denali Park was 1:15 behind McWayne and a minute-and-a-half ahead of Jessica Graziano of Anchorage.  They were 9th and 10th overall.

The race was sponsored by the Usibelli Coal Mine.  Prizes were exquisitely detailed scale models of Caterpillar mine equipment.  Superb post-race refreshments were provided by the Black Diamond Restaurant.  Race support was provided by UCM employees who kept the road dust down by watering the road, staffed water stations, handled registration, etc.  Over $900, raised through the race entry fees, was donated to the Tri-Valley Fire and Rescue Squad.

You can see results in PDF format by clicking on the "Running Results" link on the left or at the top of the page.  Results are in text format below


Women's Results

1. Dorli McWayne-50:15.4;
2. Molly McKinley-51:30.7;
3. Jessica Graziano-52:59.2;
4. Alina Homan-58:59.6;
5. Susheila Khera-1:00:00.5;
6. Verity Salmon-1:03:10.8;
7. Julianne Soifer-1:05:01.9;
8. Julie Harvey-1:05:32.5;
9. Kristi Mattingly-1:05:39.5;
10. Sara Lanious-1:06:24.2;
11. Jill Heymsfield-1:08:39.8;
12. Norma Haubenstock-1:09:26.9;
13. Wendy Chang-1:09:38.5;
14. Peggy Sullivan-1:09:38.9;
15. Emily Wayfield-1:11:06.3;
16. Laura Wayfield-1:13:59.5;
17. Bridget Borg-1:16:08.2;
18. Susan Carson-1:16:14.4;
19. Jessica O `Connor-1:19:08.7;
20. Susan Sugai-1:27:47.9;
21. Jill Thomas-1:27:50.2;
22. Bonnie Byers-1:29:11.4;
23. Shawn Cornelius-1:29:42.5;
24. Bobbi Jo Katchmar-1:31:53.7;
25. Dana Whinery-1:50:32.6;
26. Lori Moyer-1:50:33.4;
27. Jessica Conklin-2:02:33.1;
28. Monie Mouton-2:02:33.6;

Men's Results

1. Devin McDowell-41:46.0;
2. Alex Lindeman-46:47.1;
3. Sancho Ponza-47:41.0;
4. John Krapek-48:03.9;
5. Bruce Sackinger-49:13.8;
6. Scott Richardson-51:11.4;
7. Kevin Meyers-51:28.3;
8. Owen Coskey-54:03.0;
9. Travis Reed-54:26.8;
10. Robert Hood-54:43.1;
11. Thomas Rastall-58:23.1;
12. Keith Harvey-59:14.2;
13. Kes Woodward-59:27.8;
14. Jim Madonna-1:01:58.1;
15. Keith Harvey-1:05:32.6;
16. Michael Smith-1:07:04.4;
17. Patrick Carroll-1:08:42.4;
18. George Rimiller Jr-1:12:21.5;
19. Michael Riggenbach-1:13:28.4;
20. Griffith Thomas-1:27:30.3;
21. Caius Thomas-1:28:21.5;
22. Eric Thomas-1:28:21.8;

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