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2014 Midnight Sun Run Results

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CLICK HERE for complete, dynamic, searchable results for the 2014 Midnight Sun Run.  The first 20 men and the first 20 women are listed below in text format.

1. KATIE KREHLIK-38:03.1;
2. MOLLY CALLAHAN-38:16.1;
5. ERIKA BURR-41:06.5;
6. MELISSA LEWIS-41:14.3;
7. CRYSTAL PITNEY-41:57.2;
8. BRYN HAEBE-42:13.2;
9. JENNA DIFOLCO-42:37.9;
10. JENESSA ADAMS-43:00.6;
11. EMILY LINDLEY-43:04.8;
12. LAURA JOHNSON-43:22.0;
13. ANNA WORDEN-43:25.4;
15. SHEILA ELDRED-43:51.4;
16. BETH ZIRBES-43:52.5;
17. JANELLE WINSTON-44:02.1;
18. DORLI MCWAYNE-44:18.1;
19. LYNNE PETERSEN-44:25.8;
20. JOY TINNES-44:37.1;

1. CHRIS EVERSMAN-34:20.5;
2. KYLE HANSON-34:35.7;
3. DEVIN MCDOWELL-35:06.8;
4. ERICH HOEFLER-35:57.7;
5. DYLAN HELMS-35:58.7;
6. IVAN RYBKIN-36:14.4;
7. ROGER SAYRE-36:35.2;
8. JOE BUE-36:51.1;
9. TI DONALDSON-37:08.4;
10. THOMAS GIRARDOT-37:11.1;
11. BRADEN TIMPE-37:13.7;
12. TUX SEIMS-37:28.9;
13. JESSE MAYO-37:29.1;
14. MIKKO SAYRE-37:40.8;
15. ERIC SUMNER-37:49.3;
16. STEVE LEE-37:59.7;
17. TYLER GIFFORD-38:02.3;
18. MILES BOND-38:03.7;
19. ANDREW BISHOP-38:09.8;
20. DARYL BROWN-38:27.8;



The Chena River Run and the Beat Beethoven 5Km were both chip-timed this year.  You can see how the ChronoTrack dynamic, searchable results for CRR and Beat Beethoven look by going to the SportAlaska 2014 Race Results page, then following the correct links.

To be a "good citizen" as a runner in a race with chip timing, be sure to do these things:

  • If you want to run in the race, pay the entry fee; if you don't pay the entry fee, DON'T RUN - this goes for ANY AND ALL RACES
  • Wear your bib - if you don't wear your bib, you will not be timed and will not be listed in the results
  • Be sure to wear YOUR OWN bib.  If there are multiple bibs in your household, BE SURE that the bib you wear has your name written on it.  If you wear another person's bib, and they wear yours, your names and times will be reversed in the results.
  • Do not remove the chip from the back of your bib - if you remove the chip and wear the bib, you will not be timed and will not be listed in the results
  • Wear your bib on your front side - chest is ideal; if you wear your bib on your back, the chip will read late because your body is blocking the signal from the antenna that reads the chips.

PLEASE NOTE: All times will be "gun times" - i.e. all runners will be given the same start time.  There will NOT be antennas at the start for the purpose of reading chips to provide "chip times."  Why is that?  Procuring the hardware necessary to cover the entire width of the road at the start at UAF is cost-prohibitive at this time.


John Estle

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