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Sluicebox 100 2014 Results - Updated with Relay Leg Times

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Below are results for the 2014 Sluicebox 100.  More detailed results will be available Monday on this website and on the Sluicebox website.  Click on the READ MORE button to see the results.


The rainy June made for a very wet, muddy, soft and slow course.  Times in most classes were slower than in the 2013 race.

CLICK HERE to view complete results in PDF format


Solo Bike Women

1. Heather Best-15:04:49;
2. Jamie Johnson-17:46:09;
3. Erica Betts-18:12:24;
4. Nancy Fresco-19:49:59;
5. Corrine Leistikow-22:48:31;

Solo Bike Men

1. Dashiell Feierabend-13:15:48;
2. Daniel Hickstein-13:22:08;
3. Jeremy Vandermeer-13:39:15;
4. Trystan Herriott-14:16:50;
5. Tim Tschetter-14:40:56;
6. Morris Palter-15:35:16;
7. Jay Cable-15:41:09;
8. Matt Emslie-16:43:31;
9. David Palmer-16:50:55;
10. Tom Moran-16:53:55;
11. Patrick Marti-17:15:20;
12. Adam Saunders-18:40:03;
13. Eric Troyer-23:33:26;

Solo Run Women

1. Laura Mcdonough-24:51:21;
2. Sarah Duffy-28:26:00;

Solo Run Men

1. Gary Holton-25:08:55;
2. Brandon Wood-27:56:55;
3. Houston Laws-32:33:05;
4. Dustin Glazier-34:52:15;


Relay Bike

1. An Aussie, a Scot and 2 Yanks Walk Into a Bar-16:04:08;
2. Andy, Chris and Ned-21:17:55;

Relay Run

1. Ultra Nuggets 2-16:30:30;
2. ADEC SPAR-tans-17:59:54;
3. Off Our Rockers-18:23:41;
4. Fantasic Feat-18:36:43;
5. 5 Guys 1 Box-19:01:42;
6. Running  Late-19:09:58;
7. Faster then Mosquitoes-19:46:06;
8. The Gold Seeker Sneakers-20:12:34;
9. I Heard Rum Not Run!-22:13:01;
10. Flash in the Pan-23:34:32;
11. Bluegrass Running Club-23:43:20;

Relay Results with Leg Times

Biking Relay Teams

1. Aussie, Scot, 2 Yanks (Sarah Conn-3:41:16, Sergei Streltsov-3:26:02, Chris Pike-3:26:02, Chris Pike-1:12:42, Amanda Byrd-3:36:25, Checkpoint Time =8:01) 15:56:07;
2. Andy Chris Ned (Ned Rozell-5:03:39, Andy Sterns-6:20:05, Chris Garber-Slaght-6:20:05, Andy Sterns-2:03:26, Ned Rozell-3:35:06, Checkpoint Time =21:54) 20:56:01;

Running Relay Teams

1. Ultra Nuggets 2 (Aaron Martin-3:17:39, Brian Glaspell-3:11:30, Mark Lindberg-3:11:30, Alexis Will-1:26:52, Heidi Helling-4:00:53, Checkpoint Time =0:23) 16:30:07;
2. ADEC SPAR-tans (Ted Wu-3:50:41, Patrik Sartz-3:19:42, Johnny Mendez-3:19:42, Monte Garroutte-1:24:53, Nikki Potter-3:53:43, Checkpoint Time =0:53) 17:59:01;
3. Off Our Rockers (Anna Merrill-4:09:58, Dan Bishop-3:21:05, Jane Lanford-3:21:05, David Merrill-1:29:00, Anna Worden-3:56:30, Checkpoint Time =0:11) 18:23:30;
4. Fantasic Feat (Laura Johnson-3:58:35, Erika Burr-3:30:22, Phoebe Gilbert-3:30:22, Kelsi Evans-1:19:01, Kyndall Powers-4:49:06, Checkpoint Time =6:42) 18:30:01;
5. 5 Guys 1 Box (Nick Konefal-4:10:34, Char Parr-3:56:34, Robin Wood-3:56:34, Eli Sturm-1:20:22, Danny Powers-4:03:49, Checkpoint Time =0:33) 19:01:09;
6. Running  Late (Beth Zirbes-4:12:11, Constantine Khrulev-4:22:48, Ed Bueler-4:22:48, Dana Fjare-1:13:07, David Maxwell-4:08:22, Checkpoint Time =0:48) 19:09:10;
7. Faster then Mosquitoes (Andrew Richie-3:48:21, Jillian Richie-5:03:18, Brad Richie-5:03:18, Devin McDowell-1:07:27, Erica Blake-4:37:30, Checkpoint Time =0:44) 19:45:22;
8. The Gold Seeker Sneakers (Georgina Gibson-4:01:33, Michael Gibson-4:13:43, Trent Hubbard-4:13:43, Michelle Ethun-1:42:03, Don Kiely-4:31:06, Checkpoint Time =1:10) 20:11:24;
9. I Heard Rum Not Run! (Ana Thayer-5:00:22, Bonni Brooks-5:01:35, Scott Jerome-5:01:35, Stephanie Warpinski-2:04:52, John Scherzer-5:26:06, Checkpoint Time =3:51) 22:09:10;
10. Flash in the Pan (George Berry-5:59:50, Tracey Martinson-5:47:18, Bob Vitale-5:47:18, Ryan Hatcher-1:44:40, Keith Pollock-4:59:28, Checkpoint Time =0:25) 23:34:07;
11. Bluegrass Running Club (Lynne Petersen-4:08:53, Mark Billingsley-4:41:21, Steven Hansen-4:41:21, Marna Sanford-1:49:07, Jamie Hansen-6:41:47, Checkpoint Time =1:15) 23:42:05;
12. Cool Runnings (Andrew Williams-5:05:46, Karen Taber-5:38:27, Dan Reed-5:38:27, Karen Taber-2:33:40, Mary Brunner-5:26:35, Checkpoint Time =2:24) 2:00:13;

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